Prize-winning Danish fatburning concept 03.2011

    Prize-winning Danish fatburning concept

    For the fifth year in a row, Bio-CLA + T has been awarded “The Best Slimming Product” in Poland.

    Polish pharmacists seem to agree on what to recommend to customers who have problems with their weight or with their figure in general: for the fifth consecutive year a Danish product called Bio-CLA+T has won the prize in an annual retailer survey arranged by the magazine Świat Farmacji. In fact, Bio-CLA+T won two prizes this year, as it was the highest-ranking product in two categories: “Best Slimming Product” and “Best Anti-Cellulite Product”.

    Every year, Świat Farmacji sends a questionnaire to pharmacies all over Poland, asking what products they are most inclined to recommend for specific purposes. Apparently, Bio-CLA+T is the preparation that most pharmacies find useful and well-suited as a fat burner

    Bio-CLA+T contains conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and green tea extract (GTE) in soft gelatin capsules. Together with regular exercise, this formula speeds up the fat-burning process and helps to support lean muscle mass.